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My job is to help you communicate your brand, message, and values in a short, concise video or series of videos. I believe a blend of information and personal narrative always helps people connect to your business and brand, and a sprinkle of humor doesn’t hurt, either! Please take a look at the videos below, and I can’t wait to hear from you!

I can assist with any part of the video production process, from planning shoots, finding actors, cinematography and camera operation, steadicam operation, and editing.

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Samples of my work:

In a recent collaboration with a local drag queen known as Gila, I produced a lovely mini documentary that helps with their branding and promotion. The video takes a look at their life leading up to drag and the freedom they have found in performance.

This most recent series I have been a part of producing is in collaboration with Paul Shirley, ex NBA basketball player turned author, who has created a process by which to work independently and achieve one's career goals with added ease, confidence, and support from community. His company - conveniently named “The Process” - focuses on building habits and routines rather than achieving specific goals, something that is in line with his motto and the title of his latest book: “The Process is The Product”

A Promo for the Best Wedding Dance dance instruction company.

This series was for CFI Institute, a commercial greenhouse in Arvada, CO, where I created a series of instructional videos for their employees to expedite the training process. The greenhouse was known for growing organic tomatoes as well as hiring people with a criminal record who would otherwise be hard-pressed to find work in today's culture.

And there is more:

I worked with a teacher of Non-Violent Communication filming her students at a local elementary school, and created a 9 video series of interviews with adult volunteers who worked closely with the students teaching this method of emotional awareness. The videos were used for fundraising purposes, but for privacy reasons I cannot share the videos on a public platform.

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