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I love telling stories, and I found my voice early on. To me, a film doesn’t need to have a huge budget or have lots of visuals to be interesting. Stories are about people, experiences, and even the most fictitious stories draw on real moments in life we have all shared. I always blend drama and humor with absurdity because I love the way it fits uncomfortably together. Take your time browsing these short films, I hope you enjoy!

Samples of my work:

“Coming Out” was the biggest production I ever did. It has so far won 4 awards in international film festivals, one of which being an award of excellent merit for our incredibly talented Elijah Pluchino, who played Young Man. The story follows Young Man as he attends a meditation retreat and is forced to confront his past of homophobia and neglect - if only he can survive the whispering monkey living on his back.

Based on personal experience, it was a big way to close out my time at Hampshire College. The writing of the script was the most tedious part - with my advisors continuously pushing me to stop diverting from vulnerability to comedy (as is my habit when confronted with my own vulnerability). The final product was true to the script, and I had an amazing team working with me - for free, I might add. Amazing talent and a skilled producer helped pull this vision together, and the final product was something many people later reached out to me expressing gratitude for the accuracy with which I represented being in the closet. Excruciating at times, the process was and continues to be immensely rewarding, and I’m continually inspired when people reach out, sharing their own stories and vulnerability, as a result of watching the film. If you feel moved after watching it, please reach out and let me know how it impacted you.

“Banana Chase” was my first award-winning short film. I produced it while attending Warren Technical Institute in Lakewood, CO. It centers around Nick, who stumbles into a strange alien banana - the same one that stole his briefcase long ago. It is revealed along the chase that this briefcase was the last connection Nick had to his missing father.

This film was a lot of fun to produce. Our budget was $400, spent mostly on food and costumes. I had access to all the gear I needed through Warren Tech, and also had a good friend and fellow filmmaker, Ben Lemon, who provided a stabilizer for the running shots. Most of the work was getting to location, running and gunning, and getting to the next location for the next shot. Overall it took 4 months from the writing to the finished product. It won “Best Drama” and “Best of Festival” at the Jeffco Film Festival in 2015.

Dealing With High School Stress Ft. Professor Zimmins

“A high school student is struggling with stress and sees a therapist - only to find an eclectic assistant who offers him a special oatmeal training regimen.” Dealing With High School Stress Ft. Professor Zimmins was a collaboration with my friend Brandt Wintzen while we both attended Warren Technical Institute’s TV/Video Production Program. It was lots of fun to shoot and won “Best Comedy” of the 2015 Warren Technical Institute “Pie Awards”

Pecus Magna was a short film shot and edited in 24 hours for the Pueblo 24 Hr Film Festival. Easily the most fun I have had on a film project, it went on to win Most Creative Film in the festival.

This short tells the story of Michael, a young man suffering from strange dreams. His therapist encourages him to talk about it, only Michaels soon discovers a connection between his therapist and a strange, bloody creature in his dreams.

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